Managing Your Account Pt. 1

Navigating Your Partner Dashboard

From the main Msanii HOUS site click the ‘Partner Login’ link in the footer. You will then be directed to the Partner Login screen below.

Once you’ve logged in you will see the Partner Dashboard displayed in the screen below.

Partner Account Drop-Down Menu

After clicking on the vendor account, the drop-down option at the top right corner will show the account-related options. These include :

  • Account Settings

  • Buyer Dashboard

  • Logout 

Account Settings

Once you click the Account Settings menu option you will be redirected to the 'Edit Partner Profile' page.

Now, you can edit your profile information and profile pages by clicking the buttons provided.

Additionally, on this page, you can manage payment information, google analytics, and much more.

Buyer Dashboard

After clicking the 'Buyer's Dashboard' menu option, the page will switch to the Buyer Account panel page.

Here, you, the vendor, can see your buyer account panel and the various other options related to it.

To switch back to the ‘Partner Dashboard’ option, select the Partner Dashboard button in the drop down menu. This will take you back to your partner account panel page.

Log Out

Clicking on the 'Logout' button will sign you out of your Partner Dashboard and redirect you to the store home page.

Partner Notifications

To view notifications, click the notification icon at the top right hand corner (the bell), which will display the recent notifications for:

  • Orders (Order placed by customer/after the admin approves an order)

  • Products (add/approve by the admin),

  • Transactions (when the admin makes a payout to the seller), and

  • Feedback (After the approval of seller feedback by the admin).

Clicking the “View All” option on the notification panel will redirect you to the grid view of the notifications.

Home Icon 

After clicking the Home Icon (the house) you will be redirected to the Partner Account home Page as shown below.

Vendor Account - Side Panel Menu


After clicking on the dashboard, you can see the complete statistics for your Partner account. You can view the following :

  • Number of pending orders 

  • Number of orders in process

  • Number of completed orders 

In addition, you can view the following details:

  • Total number of orders that have been placed by the customers

  • The total number of products available

  • The total number of logged in customers

  • Lifetime sales and the total payout that has been sent to the vendor by the admin.

You can also find the details of the latest orders placed, along with any latest comments and reviews by customers.


Clicking the 'Orders' menu option will bring up a section where you can view all the orders that have been placed. 

Clicking the 'Order' link under the 'View' column will allow you to view the complete order details.

This then enables you to accordingly generate the shipments, create a credit memo, send emails to customers, and print the order details.

  • View a Pending Order

  • View a completed order


After clicking the 'Products' option in the side panel you will get the products menu displayed below.

Selecting the 'Add Products' option brings up a section where you can easily add new artwork.

How to Add Your Artwork

Basic Details

First Select the Product Category. Then, choose the category your artwork is related to.

Product Name:    Next input the name of your artwork in the Product Name field. 

Status:    Then, select the status of your artwork. Selecting 'Enable' will show your artwork to the public in your gallery. Selecting 'Disable' will hide your artwork and it will not display in your gallery until you desire. 

SKU:    You must provide a SKU for your artwork for inventory tracking purposes. 

Short Description:    Next input a short description of your artwork.

About The Artwork:    Enter details about your artwork in this field. This information should give the story about the art you are offering.

        How to write a good art description

A good art description should be detailed. It should also be compelling so as to attract and retain interest in the artwork. It allows the buyer to have a good grasp of exactly what they will be purchasing and expecting to receive. It also helps potential buyers discover your artwork during their search.

A good art description should include the following:

Useful information.

  • Additional materials used in the creation of the work
  • The type of surface the artwork was created on, including details like texture, how delicate the surface is, etc.
  • If the artwork has a frame or doesn't have a frame and whether its edges are finished or not.
  • If the hardware for installation is included, or not.

Background information.

  • The inspiration behind the artwork.
  • In what way would you like the artwork to impact the viewer?
  • Why you decided to use that particular style, subject matter, medium, surface etc.

Weight:    In this section you will select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on whether your artwork has a measurable weight.

Product Images:    Here, you can drag and drop hi-resolution images for your artwork. You can also add multiple images showing different angles or textures to provide a better view of the artwork.

Artwork Attributes:    Select each field and then select from the dropdown attributes options.

Shipping and Returns:    Enter your Shipping and Returns details


  • Delivery Time: Typically 5-7 business days for domestic shipments, 10-14 business days for international shipments.
  • Returns: 7-day return policy.
  • Delivery Cost:  Shipping is included.
  • Handling: Ships in a box. Artists are responsible for packaging and adhering to Msanii HOUS packaging guidelines.
  • Ships From: United Kingdom  
  • Customs: Shipments from the United Kingdom may experience delays due to the country's regulations for exporting valuable artworks.

Details and Dimensions: You will enter your details and dimensions in this field.


  • Painting: Paint on cardboard
  • Original: One-Of-A-Kind Artwork
  • Size:  32W X 44H X 0.5D in

Artist Name: Enter the name of the artist in this field.

Art Dimensions: Enter the dimensions of the artwork here using the following format example: 12 W x 36 H x 2 D inches.


Price: Enter the price for the artwork in this field. This is the price that will be displayed on the product page.

Special Price: If you want to offer the art at a discounted or sale price, enter that price here.  If there is no special price, you can enter n/a

Special Price To: n/a  

Special Price From: n/a

Shipping Cost: Enter the cost to ship the artwork. Be sure to include all costs, including insurance to cover the artwork while it's in transit, as well as other associated costs relating to shipping the art.


Stock: In this field, you will enter the total number of pieces you have available for sale, for each particular artwork.

Stock Availability: You will then select from the drop-down options, to indicate if the art work is ‘In Stock’ or ‘Out of Stock’ as shown below.

Visibility: Select from the drop-down options to determine the marketplace visibility. We recommend selecting the ‘Catalog, Search’ option.

Tax Class: From the drop-down options, select what best determines the Tax Class for your artwork. We recommend selecting ‘None’ or ‘Taxable Goods’.

** The time is base on UTC timezone