Processing Orders

How to process an order

When an order is placed, you will get the following email confirmation:

Now it's time to log into your Partner Dashboard and begin to process the order.

Partner Dashboard Login Screen

Partner Dashboard Home Screen:

Order History Screen:

When you first get an order, the status will be displayed as 'Pending'.

Your next step will be to click 'Order' under the 'View' column.

You will then need to create the invoice. This will notify the collector that the purchase has gone through, and will place the order in 'Processing' status.

An email will be generated, and the customer will get the following email:

You will then click the 'Send Email' button shown on the image below. This sends an email to the collector indicating that you have processed and shipped the order.

The popup below will then appear, asking you for a confirmation to send the email.

Once you click 'OK', the customer will receive the following email:

The order remains in 'Processing' status.

Once you have packed the order, or enlisted the services of a shipping agency and have the tracking number available, you will enter it in the table labeled 'Shipping Method'. Scroll down to the 'Order Information' section to view the table.

After you insert the tracking number, click 'Send Email'. This will send an email to the collector informing them that their order has been processed and shipped.

You will now see the popup below, asking you for a confirmation to send the email. Select 'OK'.

After adding the tracking number and notifying the collector, the order status will be updated and displayed as 'Complete'.

The collector will receive the following email, which will include the tracking details.

Once this process is complete, your order details screen will now display a 'Shipments' option. By clicking on 'Shipments', you can view the order along with the shipping details.

After clicking 'Shipments', you will be able to see the shipping details of that specific artwork as shown below.

You can also print the shipping slip by clicking on the 'Print Shipment' button. 

If you need to resend the tracking information, you can do so by clicking the 'Send Tracking Information' button.

If there are multiple items being shipped, you can add them in the section shown below, if you haven't already done so.

Next, you will go to your 'Order History' screen where you will select  'Actions' and then select 'Print Shipping Slip'.

After selecting 'Print Shipping Slip' you will see the popup below. Select 'OK'.

After clicking  'OK', the shipping slip will begin to download onto your device. Once it downloads, click on the .PDF.

You can now print the shipping slip in .PDF format.

How to cancel an order (NEEDS TO BE UPLOADED)

How to manage the Print PDF Header Info

The details you input in the Print PDF Header will display on your shipping slip as shown below.

Print PDF Header:

Shipping Slip:

Your logo will appear as shown below

Need help from our team?

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