Finding Art & Galleries

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How do I search for the kind of art I'm interested in?

Search Icon

For a quick search of any type of art, you can use the search icon (magnifying glass) located at the top right of our website.

Category and sub-category sections

At the top of the homepage are our main categories and subcategories through which you can discover the kind of art that interests you.

Whether it be paintings, prints, drawings, photography or sculptures, we have something for everyone.

The categories are further divided into subcategories based on the style, subject and medium of the artwork, to further help you in your search.

What is Msanii HOUS?

Msanii HOUS is the online gallery platform for connecting lovers of art, collectors and sellers in one place. We empower the artist and galleries by providing a place to launch their online galleries, sell their works of art and their art business.

We believe in utilizing innovative technology - such as AI, AR and others - to provide growth for our expanding art community. By providing the tools to sustain the business of creating  and selling art we aim to:

  • Inspire the e-commerce experience or artists, galleries and collectors
  • Support the arts
  • Change how art is discovered
  • Create an impact for success

How can I discover new artists or art on the Msanii HOUS marketplace?

To stay updated on new works and new partners, you can subscribe to the Msanii HOUS newsletter.

Where can I find a particular artist or artwork?

Using the search icon (magnifying glass) at the top right of the website, type in the name, title or series of the artwork you are looking for.

What are the browser requirements for the Msanii HOUS website?

For the best experience we recommend using the current version of your browser of choice i.e Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

** The time is base on UTC timezone