What Happens After I Purchase

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How do I track my package?

The best way to get accurate tracking information is through the specific carrier's website i.e FedEx, UPS, DHL or other carrier. This will also enable you to get detailed information as to when you can expect to receive your order.

Once your artwork has shipped, the specific partner will notify you of the shipping details and tracking number via email. 

Our partners are provided with the proper guidelines for packaging and shipping as well as recommendations for the best artwork shipping services.

We will gladly mitigate any issues or concerns that our partners are unable to address. For further assistance, please go to https://msaniihous.support/ticket/open.html and open a ticket. You can then select the appropriate option and fill in the form. We will respond within 12-48 hours.

Will the artist sign the artwork?

Signing of artwork is completely at the discretion of the artist. However, a Certificate of Authenticity will be included with every purchase.

It's important to note that any signature not visible online could be in a different section of the artwork. Please contact the specific partner to confirm whether the artwork has a signature.

For any special requests you may have about a particular piece, please reach out to the artist directly for further assistance.

Is my artwork ready to hang when it arrives?

For details on specific packing methods of an artwork please review the description provided by the partner.

There are some commonly used terms in artwork descriptions we have listed below to help you understand the packaging and shipping process. And how all that ties in to how you should expect your artwork to arrive.

Stretched - When a painting or drawing is wrapped around a wooden frame (also known as stretch bars), it is referred to as a stretched or stretch canvas. Typically, these works are delivered flat and are ready for hanging. Although they may not have any wire or hooks, they can still be hung because of their depth.

Mounted artworks - The name can appear misleading because it doesn't necessarily mean you can readily hang these artworks. 'Mounted' mainly refers to artwork that is mounted onto a flat surface, like wood, plexiglass or metal.

Very large artworks - Artworks that are very large - including large drawings, sketches or collages - might be rolled to be packaged for shipping. Many artists opt for this shipping method because it much less expensive to deliver the artwork that way.

For any questions regarding the artwork, please contact the specific partner directly. Msanii HOUS will be glad to assist you in the event that there's an unresolved issue. You can 'open a ticket at https://msaniihous.support/ticket/open.html and we'll be sure to respond within 12-48 hours.

How can I check the status and history of my order?

To see the status and history of your order,  just log in to your account, and click on the 'my orders' section. If you opted not to create an account during purchase, you can check your email notifications to track the activity of your purchase.

Can I cancel my order before it's shipped?

Once the order is purchased, you will need to contact the specific selling partner to make changes to the order status.

Can I return an artwork I'm not satisfied with?

If you're dissatisfied with your purchase, you will need to contact the selling partner to process the return. Each partner has their own specific policy on returns.

Msanii HOUS will be glad to assist you in the event that there's an unresolved issue. You can 'open a ticket' at https://msaniihous.support/ticket/open.html and we'll be sure to respond within 12-48 hours.

** The time is base on UTC timezone