Who Pays For Return Shipping Costs?

Posted ByAgent 1

All returns will be handled by the specific partner whose artwork you purchased. Each partner's return policy will reflect who will be responsible for return shipping costs. It will also include other relevant information, should you need to return the artwork.

Please refer to the specific partner's return policy for further information on return shipping costs.

Be assured that our partners are provided with the proper guidelines and best practices to structure their return policy. They are also required to insure all their artwork and will be able to assist you in recovering your payment, should your purchase arrive damaged.

We will gladly mitigate any issues or concerns that our partners are unable to address. For further assistance, please go to https://msaniihous.support/ticket/open.html and open a ticket. You can then select the appropriate option and fill in the form. We will respond within 12-48 hours.

** The time is base on UTC timezone